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But you are sensing the change energy this week and are ready to make the necessary changes. Action is not favored as much as reflection and planning is this week. You are heading into a big Full Moon week, so just working on removing toxic energies from your life could be very healthy this week. Planning and reflection is favored this week. Your best day for planning and reflection will be between Monday and Wednesday when the Aquarius Moon is in your twelfth house of endings and spirituality.

You could feel overly emotional on this day and this is a good day for some cave time.

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Alone time in solitude or reflection is a healthy choice this week, and perhaps the healthiest choice you make! Money is in good shape this week though you will see some changes in this area.

On Monday, communicator Mercury works in opposition with Uranus in your ninth house of Big Picture visions. Ideas can be very powerful today, you just want to make sure that you are expressing them with love. Come Wednesday, you are already feeling energized when the Moon enters your sign and your first house of Self.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope | gebubuqoje.tk

You are on the cusp of some new beginnings, and you are ready to focus on your sense of Self. Your heart and your emotions aren't leading you astray here. Follow your heart to launch some new beginnings at this point of the week. You have this energy through Friday, but the Full Moon zone begins on Thursday. Try something new in love, or, someone new.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope, October 6 to October 12

You know where your heart is leading you. When Saturday arrives, there is some lingering energy in the works that could be a little tense.

A Venus and Uranus opposition in your ninth house of foreign matters is not going to help much, and could only stoke the fires of tempers even more. Before you make any decisions, especially those related to money, make sure you have all of the facts. And maybe waiting until tempers are a little quieter isn't a terrible idea. Expect the unexpected. Embrace those changes as opportunities as you head into a Full Moon in Aries and your second house of earned income on Sunday. So, yes, it's a big week, and next week the energy could feel even bigger.

Keeping your compassion in check this week will be the key to some pretty epic success, or at least set the stage for it.

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Make those Full Moon wishes count this week, Pisces. Book Your Reading.

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