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So what are you waiting for? Read on! If you are Pisces rising, it's time for you to discover all the intel on your Pisces ascendant for more in-depth facts on your personality. Pisces ascendant is an important tool in finding out more about your personality and character. Pisces rising: The influence on your zodiac personality Pisces rising people are amazing artists and love expressing their creative energy everywhere they go. Leave a comment. Leave us a comment 5 4 3 2 1 0.

See more. How Jealous Are You? How jealous are you? Extremely jealousy, or moderately jealousy? Are you one of them? Your life is truly about service, and your willingness to provide service to others while remaining modest and open to a Higher Power draws blessings and grace into your life. Your Jupiter in the gracious, peace-loving role as a mediator, diplomat, or counselor for couples or groups with diverse views.

A certain passivity or malleability may undermine you. Your Jupiter in Scorpio reveals your belief in the transformative and healing power of experiencing deep emotions and of sexuality. You have a longing for depth and mystery.

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Your psychic or spiritual perceptiveness will be an important part of your life. Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Sagittarius Your Jupiter in Sagittarius suggests that you are restless and have a deep affinity for faraway places. Your Jupiter in the earthy sign of Capricorn suggests hardheaded realism, a life for mundane affairs, and organizational talent.

This balances your gentle heartedness and empathy. The world of work and business is an arena in which you can fulfill your soul function. Your Jupiter is in Aquarius, sign of innovation, invention, and humanitarian idealism. You are an advanced thinker and may well be ahead of your time. Promoting social change or betterment of life conditions worldwide is part of your soul function.

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Innovative and more spiritually sound ways of using money may well be a key. Your Jupiter is in Pisces as well, indicating that you are a mystic as well as a philanthropist. Your faith, devotion, and trust in a Higher Order sustains you, and you draw protection from the unseen realms.

Pisces Rising, Pisces Ascendant Zodiac Sign Interpretation - Just Astrology Things

Part of your soul function has to do with work on the inner planes through prayer, meditation, or working with subtle forces. The following interpretations incorporate the position, by sign, of Neptune, the modern ruling planet of Pisces Jupiter, its classic ruler, is interpreted above. The sign position of Neptune modifies your Pisces Ascendant characteristics. Your Neptune is in Aries: Ideals of heroic courage and dreams of a powerful leader underlie your generation. In some way you personify and must express the spirit of a warrior to fulfill your soul function.

You have a deep affinity for the Earth and the feminine aspect of creation. In some way you must personify or express this feminine spirit in order to fulfill your soul function. If not positively directed, greed or worship of material advantages are the bane of your generation. Your Neptune is in Gemini: Fantasy, imagination, images and dreams expressed through the written or spoken word is suggested here. You are poetic but also illusory or confused about the nature of your perceptions.

To fulfill your purpose in life you must come to understand the Trickster, an underlying archetype of your generation. Ideals of devotion, loving kindness, and the Divine Mother are the spiritual longings of your generation. Your feeling for beauty, the arts, and the spirit of creativity runs deep and is a key aspect of your life purpose. Superficial glamour or self-worship can cloud your true spark.

The art and science of healing is a key part of your soul purpose. The spiritual dimensions of health, the effects of prayer or imagery upon the body, blending body with soul and spirit, angelic healing, art as medicine — these are each ways you could express your true function. Your Neptune is in Libra: Ideals of sisterhood and brotherhood, social equality, and idyllic relationships are the dreams of your generation which in some way you personally embody or express. Your Neptune is in Scorpio: An urge for a deep understanding of the mysteries of life, death, afterlife, or the sudden forces of the psyche is an underlying theme of your generation.

You are a deep sea diver.

Rising Signs: PISCES

Avoid the murky waters of mind-altering drugs or distorted imagery in art or music, in order to fulfill your highest destiny. You are a fantastic dreamer, a minstrel, a soul traveler, a muse. Bringing inspirational dreams to others is a part of your function. Try to overcome a tendency toward lack of self discipline, restlessness, and living in the clouds. Learn to ground your dreams in everyday life. The need for Divine Order — for spiritual order, structure, and discipline — is a part of your life pattern.

Pisces Ascendant: The Pisces Rising Sign Characteristics

Dreams of a perfect society a Utopia or Shangri-Lai shape your generation, and in some way you are to embody or express these ideals. New communal sharing, a new spirit of all-of-us-together is the key. Your Neptune is in Pisces as well: There is a deeply spiritual or religious impulse in your generation, which in some way you embody or personify.

There is also a calling for self sacrifice or self martyrdom. These fish represent your soul nature and your form nature. You have a form nature in order to experience the growth of your soul, yet the two can seem to struggle against each other.

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You find that pursuing your own personal material desires does not resolve this struggle, but only deepens it. You need to find a spiritual path that allows you both to satisfy your personal needs and desires, and to satisfy your spiritual yearning for significance.

How to accomplish this balance? You can focus first on your instinctual nature. Neptune gives you an inner strength and the ability to come up with solutions to impossible situations, while Jupiter gives you well-measured luck, good health and a pleasant disposition. Moreover, Neptune is the one who, on the one hand, endows you with a restless spirit and wanderlust and, on the other, fills you with a fear of acting and of the dangers that you might encounter — dangers that may be imaginary.

In this way, Neptune impedes you and puts a break on your desire to have the freedom to act and do as you want, which you get from Jupiter.

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  5. You thus become hesitant, get confused when making a choice and resort to behaving secretively, which only angers other people. You want change not in order to gain material goods and comforts but to escape from the dangers that you imagine are lurking all around you. You enjoy wandering and searching out new experiences through spiritual or intellectual journeys, which are essential for your breezy personality. You dream and create visions of a utopian world which is free, as a social consciousness is embedded deeply inside of you.

    You desire justice, honour, brotherhood and equality. You envision a space that is free, where there is no discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race and creed. These ideals accompany you throughout your life, although others might see your ideas as a provocation. You are generous and give your all in caring for others.

    If, however, your feelings are questioned then you become introspective, you tend to isolate yourself and become disheartened. Yet, even when you are isolated, you use an invisible touch of theatricality. You have, in any case, a strong artistic sensibility inside of you.

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    The Ascendant In Astrology: Discover Your Rising Sign

    Your existence is guided more by emotion than by logic. This is why you have a great ability to transcend things and be a leading figure in the art world, easily changing roles and personalities. You may be able to cultivate your emotions correctly and become a true visionary, instead of being stuck in a confused visionary jumble. You have boundless energy and enjoy constantly having new adventures. You work tirelessly to create a solid economic foundation, but often waste your money.

    Marriage is not one of your priorities. You may make a great profit from buying and selling property and on the stock exchange. You are a charismatic person with developed communications skills. You enjoy travelling, getting to know different cultures, enjoying yourself and playing. You are lucky at work, and will win your dream position, but also in your personal life, where you will have a happy marriage.

    You are beautiful and dependable and can achieve your goals through your cleverness and good manners. You seek a partner who is romantic and creative with whom to start a family, which will be your reference point in life.