Leo horoscope pros and cons

Their intellect helps in keeping any conversation rolling. Chances of you getting ghosted, totally rely on whether you're able to keep up with their over-speeding mind or not! Cons: On the flip side, their intelligence might give anybody the inferiority complex, even if it is unintentional on their part. Their know-it-all attitude, can sometimes get annoying AF, but they will innocently be blind to it.

The 'twins' are indecisive, so their habit of over-thinking might lead them to get worked up, often unnecessarily, and it takes them a lot of time to level their heads again. Need help? Remind them that their intuitive logic, usually prevails. Pros: If you had to compare a Cancerian to a body part, it is like that little corner in your head, where you lock all your secrets.

You can bombard them with secrets of the world, and then forget all about them; they're safe. The 'crab' aces commitment, and is extremely intuitive to it's partner's deep musings. Cons: Imagine if you were PMSing forever? Well, that's life if you were born under the zodiac sign, Cancer. They are like a swinging pendulum, actually worse, if possible!

It is impossible to understand the reasons behind or the solution to their swinging mood, and it's best to give them personal space to keep everyone's emotional health on top of its game. Pros: Insanely attractive, humorous, and mindbogglingly hot- you will feel that the whole room lights up when a Leo walks in. Their strong personality is impossible to ignore, and you'll make the best memories of your dating life with your Leo partner.

Their generosity knows no bounds, and they will shower you with endless physical and emotional gifts! Cons: A Leo is not the best person to approach if you're expecting sensitivity regarding others' feelings, and they can seem like a jerk to you.

7 Things You Need To Know About The Leo Woman

It is the hardest task to make them understand that they're the reason behind your hurt as they sometimes refuse to understand alternative perspectives, if their defensive edge is triggered. The best way to make them see light is to explicitly support your argument with substantial examples! Pros: One of the most humble signs, a Virgo's adorably serious and grown-up attitude will comfort you. A bleak ray of reliability and motherly care in the guise of a Virgo partner is actually soothing. They will prove their worth time and again, with actions and not mere words.

Cons: The dark side to this trait is that, the worrying Virgo will immediately doubt your sincerity if they sense even a hint of you failing to reciprocate the same commitment. They can be overly touchy in that context, and may lose faith on you. Keep your relationship fresh and affectionate! Pros: If your life was a romantic Bollywood film or a fairytale, your ideal hero or Prince Charming would possibly be a Libra! Known to be the best kissers? They bring their A-game when it's about flirting and pampering their partner, and will charm their way right through the barriers of doubt, straight to your heart.

Cons: Don't mistake their overtly flirty nature to be a capricious stint, but yes, it takes patience to learn to trust a Libra. But once they start talking Sagittarius will notice that Leo is a rather creative sign, with many new and exciting ideas of their own.

This will make Leo born seem all the more attractive to Sagittarius, and the attraction will keep building the longer that these two signs talk to each other. Once these two horoscope signs get into an actual Leo Sagittarius friendship they will spend most of their time hanging out outside their homes. They are the type of couple to go on many dates together and socialize with other people still. They understand that freedom is important to each other, so they will not mind if they spend time with their separate groups of friends at time. What Color Matches Your Personality?

Try The Quiz Now!! However, in this Leo Sagittarius love compatibility, they will want their main concentration to be on each other.

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Leo needs a lot of attention to feel loved. So Sagittarius will have to remember to compliment and spend time with their partner.

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Leo also loves to be the leader in the relationship. Sagittarius has no problem with this, as they are often indecisive and they like that their partner actually wants to make some of the bigger decisions within the relationship.

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As exciting as this Leo and Sagittarius compatibility is at times, sometimes it can get dull. When this relationship gets boring problems start to arise.

When it comes to this sign, it is more their similarities, rather than their differences, that will pull this couple apart. Both the Leo and Sagittarius lovers can be quick to anger when they are upset, and they are more than likely to take it out on each other. It is great that they stand up for what they believe in, but at times they can take it too far. After an argument they are likely to give each other the silent treatment or retreat into opposite ends of their home. They are not likely to start talking again until they relieve some stress on their own, and even then, they are not likely to apologize, as they will both still think that they are in the right.

Test Now! In this pairing, both the Leo woman and Sagittarius man will want to lead the relationship. The Leo woman is up for a compromise; he can make some decisions as long as she gets the credit for it. This can lead to problems in the relationship. That being said, understanding things about yourself based on the alignment of planets, the moon, and the sun in your particular sign can help makes things a whole lot easier. Think of it like driving with directions versus winging it.

If you're new to this whole astrology thing, Tarot. Based on the location of the expressive sun at the minute you were born, you could be one of 12 zodiac signs, each with its own set of strengths, challenges, moods, patterns, relationships, and more. If you want to give it a try, you can get your astrological birth chart on the Co-Star app. Not convinced?

A Leo in love is exciting and contagious

Check out these things you should know about your sign even if you're not the Fox Mulder of believers. Aries-born people know what they want and they know how to get it, so just get out of their way already. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is a natural-born leader, an adventurous trendsetter, a passionate lover and friend, and has a deeply rooted sense of self. The breakneck speed at which an Aries lives their life can sometimes get them into trouble, but they are almost always forgiven.


The Pros And Cons Of Your Zodiac Sign (And How It Might Affect Your Relationships)

If you know someone who wins every random contest and seems to stumble upon good fortune, that person is most likely a Taurus. The most stubborn sign in the zodiac, Taurus also loves to indulge in luxury , which works out when they win that all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. The bull is also loyal to a fault. Equal parts sensual, successful, and sensible, according to Tarot. Gemini's duality allows them to mirror most people's personalities to give them what they want, and they can also spot a fake person from a mile away.

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  • While a Gemini is someone everyone wants to be around all of the time, they also know how to manipulate situations to get what they want. And, they're pretty skilled.

    Becoming familiar with the pros and cons of Leos

    So while Gemini can see through a faker , phony Gemini-born people are harder for other signs to spot. Who the hell are those people who fall in love on a first date? Cancers, that's who. Cancer-born people love to be in love , and the crab falls fast and hard, according to WTF Zodiac Signs. And, once a Cancer falls, they will shower the object of their affection with gifts, protect their beloved at all costs, and make grand gestures that can make other signs uncomfortable. Because not everyone is into displays of affection usually reserved for rom-coms, Cancers often get their hearts broken, at which point their former BAE is dead to them forever.

    While best known as the star of the show, Leos have a lesser-know quality.