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Meet the astrologer in call Astrologers study your birth chart before the call and answer all your queries on video call.

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Anand kumar astrology

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I have strong knowledge in Vedic Astrology and learnt from my Grandfather. I had the opportunity to practice astrology with the guidance of Indhu Anushankar Chennai. My predictions are based on vedic astrology and I give predictions on matrimony, finance, education, health and progeny.

Senthilkumaran R Chennai. I am senthilkumaran Astrologer giving prediction for delay marriage, Relationship, career, financial, health, and all day to day life issues I am consulting in urbanclap, Astroyogi, Remedy by Temple S is a Vedic Astrologer. I will use KP Astrology and Lal kitab for my predictions. Diptomoy Mukherjee Chennai.

Anandkumar Astrology

I have completed my diploma in Psychology through online. Amandeep Chennai. I have learnt and been following Lal Kitab astrology, with the support of my Guru and my late grand father who was also a prominent astrologer from which i am able to learn and apply my knowledge for Vinoth Srinivasan Chennai. Good at dasa predictions and suggesting decision. Anand Chennai. Master of Astrology. Have seen more than charts.

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Ragupathy S P Chennai. IT Professional with 15 years of astrology reading experience.

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  • Anand kumar astrology.
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Being a solution oriented astrology advice giver, I am consulting famous politicians of Tamilnadu. Thenarasu Chennai. Dear Sir I[Thenarasu] am an astrologer and have been practising for more than six years. I have received a certificate from a reputed organisation, and my guru is MR. Sitaram shastri from Deepti K Chennai. I am Deepti. Tech E. I use time tested methods of prediction of Maharishi Parashara Dev Goutam Chennai.

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I m astrologer from 15 years experienci. Raja Chennai. I have pronounced 3 mantras for about 1,00, Manibharathi Chennai. No bio available. Kavitha Chennai. I am a astrologer with a passion to serve people in distress and confusion. Serving the clients all over the country he offers guidance for:. More information about Anandkumar Astrological Research Centre.

The company Sankalp Astrology is a well-known astrology service based in the city of Mumbai who has a vast and good If you When you deice Reviews of Anandkumar Astrological Research Centre.

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Fake Person, Rude Behavior and don't speak anything about astrology. He is fake and has rude behaviour. If you visit his centre he will tell you all his bullshit story like how he had known big corporate people and came in the tv show but he will not give you anything related to astrology. Moreover, he will try to insult you. See more reviews. Log In Sign up for free. View telephone.