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Keep your eyes focused on gaining peace and harmony. Do the right thing and initiate the conversation with your partner. An open mind can speed up the process of healing and reconciliation, Libra. Single Libra, your actions will manifest your desperation to find true love. This weekend, take a break and spend more time with your friends. Focusing on one person alone may create an unhealthy obsession, leading to less attention and love for yourself. Trust your intuition on this.

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Witty scopes with an edge on tomorrow. Horoscopes, Astrology and Star Signs Daily and weekly stars and zodiac traits. Jennifer Angel Mistress of Astrology Daily horoscopes and weekly videos give you tools to make the decisions to live the life you are destined to have. A discussion with family may not provide the outcome you expect. There is a new start in the stars this month at work and with business, meaning it may be time for you to take a stand in some way. Your bank account can get a boost during the first two weeks of this month, or the promise of additional cash can come your way.

A creative project can get the go-ahead but be prepared to make some allowances, especially as Venus goes retrograde. Romance is in the stars and an intellectual connection with someone looks fabulous, but beware of entering into a discussion with a sensitive topic, which can easily get out of hand.

New moon energy makes anything possible this month. With Venus going retrograde there is also a lure to overspend. At work, planet Mars can tempt you to get involved with risky business.

Libra Wk Nov 25 2013 Horoscope Jennifer Angel

Be sure to aim for win-win outcomes only. Plan your day and get organized to be productive. Be idealistic and think big, but be mindful to be realistic as life will inevitably come with a set of compromises. And for singles, be honest and open from day one.

Later this month, the sun will move to your sign, signifying a Scorpio birthday! It is the start of your next solar cycle, making it a perfect time to review and reset your goals, dreams, hopes and wishes. The full moon can make life seem intense with love or close relationships, but your intuition is sharp so be sure to pay attention to it. Family will need your attention too, so make time for them.

LIBRA AUG 2019 by Jennifer Angel

A discussion with someone influential can unlock a door for business and financial reward, but be careful of making past mistakes. With an abundance of planets close by, you could feel inspired to make your dreams, hopes, and wishes a reality. This is a perfect time to look at how secure your life is and build solid foundations to move forward with confidence. Early in the month, friends can be supportive.

If you do, make sure everyone is aware of what they are accountable for.