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As the December 16 zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you are not an easy person to get to know. You may be a little intimidating or proud. A closed mouth is never fed!

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You feel the same way in relationships. Do You Have Good Karma?

Try The Karma Quiz Now!! The December 16 horoscope predicts that you can neglect your health. Eating right and getting plenty of exercises will help you live longer and stronger, advises the 16th Sagittarius birthday meaning. Can you imagine winning a marathon at 70 years old? Exercise and the proper diet have more benefits than you know. It also relieves stress. Try an alternative lifestyle.

You might turn out to love it and me for suggesting it. As a means of employment, those born on this zodiac birthday, Sagittarius, are inventive individuals. You may have even started a profession of your own through a hobby or an idea you may have had. The future of person who born on 16 December can be rewarding provided they learn to have some focus in life.

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  8. This is all well and fine but honey, you must plan for something if you are to accomplish anything. Let me tell you a secret. Life is too short to leave it in the hands of no one. Test Now! Your friends and family members say this could be the reason why you get bored quickly. You are creative. Normally, this will give you a new perspective on things. As a career choice, the Sagittarius born today is capable of educating as a profession as well as consulting. Furthermore, careers in marketing could be a profitable decision, or you could choose one that will let you use your writing skills.

    As success goes, you may have a different opinion of what it means as you are not a materialistic person at all.

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    Compatibility of the heart's desire numbers is very important in a relationship few relationships last beyond the initial stage if the heart's desire numbers are not compatible. It could lead you to book a holiday of a lifetime.

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    Not liking to admit to failure. You tend april 22 birthday astrology sagittarius have good style and good manners, are drawn to the arts, and want beautiful things. Whenever you come into contact with a person, whoever they may be, for any prolonged period of time in your life, it simply means there is something for you to learn from the relationship with that person.

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