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Astrologer since Traditional astrology provides some key tools. FAA-SA Classes Offered: Foundation Course - offers the student a sound grounding in the signs, planets, houses, and their interpretation in the natal chart. Also, a working knowledge of predictive techniques including transits and secondary progressions.

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Diploma Course - offers advanced study of natal and predictive techniques as well as introduction to specialist fields such as horary, mundane, heliocentric, locational, geodedic. Special Astrology Interests: Committed to raising the profile of astrology through education and public information.

Shop Donate. In his opening address at that meeting, he said Federal Governed in coalition - - - - present. Victoria Governed in own right - - Governed in coalition - - - New South Wales Governed in coalition - - - present.

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  5. Queensland Governed in coalition - - Governed as Liberal National Party - Western Australia Governed in coalition - - - - - Tasmania Governed in coalition - Governed in own right - - - present. At the same time, she was appointed to a new position as an academic and teacher Mercury — her role would involve archiving and sharing the oral histories of indigenous peoples note the Moon, Mercury, Virgo, and 4th-house connotations.

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    It was the exact month when the SP Moon triggered natal and progressed aspects that concrete outcomes began to appear. The period of time between a progressed-to-natal and progressed-to-progressed aspect can show the duration of significant events.

    When the SP Moon changes signs, the dynamics of a given sign are accented. For instance, when the Moon progresses through Scorpio, a period of intensity and transformation often unfolds.

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    But more importantly, it will activate the dynamics of the house that has Scorpio on the cusp. It's also worthwhile to examine the Secondary Progressed Lunation Cycle in clients' charts. The progressed Full Moon when the progressed Moon opposes the progressed Sun marks a time of accomplishment or culmination. These phases actually begin when the Moon enters the same or opposing sign as the Sun, but they reach a critical peak in the month that the luminaries are aligned by degree.

    This is easy to see in the chart of actor George Clooney.

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    As Clooney approached a progressed New Moon phase, he was planting seeds for his future by preparing to leave the TV series ER and become a full-time, A-list actor in films. Then on February 18, , as the progressed Moon was coming to conjoin the progressed Sun the progressed New Moon , Clooney's last appearance in ER was aired. See Chart 2. Fifteen years after his progressed New Moon, the progressed Full Moon occurred. After his divorce in , Clooney famously swore that he would never remarry.

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    But during , as his SP Moon in Capricorn opposed his SP Sun in Cancer by sign and then by aspect, Clooney got engaged, planned a wedding, and married the accomplished lawyer and activist Amal Alamuddin. This was worldwide news and worthy of a progressed Full Moon. The events of for Clooney which included a lifetime achievement award, new directing projects, and his surprise marriage in many ways mark the culmination of what had been set in motion 15 years earlier when he had left ER.

    Another important time arrives for him in early when the SP Moon conjoins his natal Moon and Saturn.

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    Working with the SP Moon provides a clear and accurate way to understand how planetary patterns play out. More than just an emotional barometer, the SP Moon highlights key natal and progressed themes, illuminating the meaning of past events as well as helping us to predict when major life events are likely to be triggered. Because its focus is at a month-by-month level, it can help to deliver context and detail when we attempt to understand a client and their life story.

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    Predicting anything is never easy, but the task of making accurate forecasts is greatly assisted with attention to the swift, ever-changing Secondary Progressed Moon. George Clooney , May 6, ; a. References and Notes: 1.

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    A progressed lunation cycle encompasses the period between one conjunction of the SP Moon and Sun and the next. This is However, the time it takes for the SP Moon to complete one circuit of the chart is Author: Damian Rocks is an astrologer as well as a yoga instructor and Ayurvedic practitioner based in Sydney, Australia, and he runs a busy practice in all three disciplines.

    A bright, energetic presence in Australian astrology, Damian offers traditional horary techniques with his psychological consultancy. He is the founder of the website www. The Mountain Astrologer is widely acknowledged as the best English-language astrology magazine in the world today. It can be found at in stores worldwide or online by print or digital subscription.