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Around 29, Gwen left college to tour for her album, Tragic Kingdom. Harry Houdini , Illusionist and Stunt Performer. At 29 one week before he turned 30 , he performed his most difficult escape to date from specially made handcuffs — people came to watch him break free. Harry Potter , Character. He also has an 11 numerology name. Henry Kissinger , Politician. Was partway through his PhD at Harvard at Controversial winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Jack Benny , Comedian. Known for his loyalty to his team of writers in contrast to Bob Hope — who incidentally was the same lifepath — keep in mind we have free will, and our names and pinnacles etc.

Jean Paul Getty , Industrialist. Not sure what he did at age 29, but a couple of years later, he commenced a series of marriages and divorces that distressed his father. In he was the richest living American. He went on to become a great patron of the arts. Jim Brown , Footballer. Around this time, he made The Dirty Dozen and went into acting. He was also arrested for assault and battery of a young woman. Jules Verne , Author. Married just days before turning Julia Cameron , Author. At 28, Julia met and married director, Martin Scorsese, before having a daughter.

They divorced a year later when she was How accurate is numerology, when you understand the basics? I find it spookily comforting.

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Kate Moss , Model and Singer. She provided vocals for songs by Primal Scream around age 29 and was also named the muse for W Magazine. Keala Settle , Actor and Singer. Her performance as the bearded lady in The Greatest Showman is stunning. Her Wikipedia entry talks about working behind the scenes between roles, this is typical of a Master Number. We flicker between front and back stage.

Kendall Jenner , Model. Not yet I note that Kim Kardashian is a Master 22 lifepath. That prompted me to look into her numbers and realise that she was a Master Despite a near-perfect SAT score, she dropped out before graduation to pursue music. She accused him of rape, abuse and suffocating control over her life.

Or is this one of those dreams? Those horrible dreams that seem like they last forever? If I am alive, why? What is the lesson? What is the point? God, give me a sign, or I have to give up. Please just let me die. Being alive hurts too much. Here are further lyrics from Praying. Go Kesha!

Kim Basinger, Actor. She was also in her first marriage, which was unconventional in that her husband changed his surname. Around this time she was also suffering panic attacks and agoraphobia — she is an inspiring spokesperson for people with social anxiety.

Lawrence Mooney , Actor and Comedian. See my first gig. Moonman is on Brisbane radio with Robin Bailey on Triple M — see her psychic reading and feedback on me here. Leonard Cohen , Poet and Singer. Around 29, he was finishing up living in Hydra, a Greek Island where he bought a house and caroused with George Johnston and Charmain Clift. Due to financial issues and other frustrations, he began making music instead of writing, which marked the beginning of his incredible career — see this video of Hallelujah.

Birthday Number 11

Liz Ellis, Netballer. Around 29, she played in her first Commonwealth Games for Australia. Mandy Harvey, Musician. Not only did she place 4th in the show at her lifepath turning point age of 29 , she also released a memoir! Perfect timing. Mark Wahlberg, Actor and Musician. He battled drug addiction and was jailed for a violent racist attack when younger.

Birthday number 11 meaning in Numerology – Secret of born on the 11th day of the month

At 30 he went into a relationship with Rhea Durham who is a Master 33 lifepath and they are still married. His acting career was taking off around Meg Ryan, Actor. At 28, she starred in When Harry Met Sally , which featured her famous fake-moaning scene. At 29 she married Dennis Quaid, who she later revealed was unfaithful to her. At 29 she was just forming a relationship with Donald Trump, as he was campaigning.

Michael Franti , Musician and Humanitarian. Had just formed his band Spearhead around age Michael Jordan , Basketballer. Won his first NBA championship with the Bulls, started his advertising relationship with Gatorade, and began building a mansion at 28, before going on to win NBA titles at When he was 30, his father was murdered by teenage carjackers, who received life sentences. This prompted him to retire from basketball he had been considering this since age 29, apparently due to the pressures of the Olympics and his rising celebrity status.

He surprised many people by going into baseball for a few years, before returning to basketball. I note that his sons are both 1 lifepaths, and twin daughters are 11 lifepaths. I see this a lot 11s and 1s together — my husband Kris Anderson is a 1 lifepath and I am an 11 lifepath. Inspired millions with his book Think and Grow Rich , which includes a section about talking to Spirits and Masters. Although they were told Blair would never hear or speak, Napoleon refused to teach him sign language, leading to many conflicts with family and educators.

Orlando Bloom , Actor. I still remember the first time I saw him on-screen, it was like an electric shock! Orlando was at peak popularity around He broke up with Kate Bosworth at age 29 to date Miranda Kerr at age Paris Hilton , Socialite.

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Needs little introduction! Age 29, she was arrested in a cocaine possession scandal in Las Vegas, and entered into a plea bargain that involved attending a drug-abuse treatment program. See my comments regarding Robert Downey, Jr. Around 29, he won his 13th Grand Slam Singles title, breaking a record that had been held for 30 years. It was also the last time he was ranked No. A month after he turned 29, he also got married to his current wife. Peter Garrett , Musician and ex-Politician.

Known for Midnight Oil and his environmental work. At 29 he was receiving international recognition in his music career. Prince Charles first met Diana when he was Unknown to many people, Prince Charles is a huge advocate of organic farming, alternative medicine including homoeopathy and avid environmentalist.

Master Number lifepaths often run in families…I guess sometimes it takes a double one to raise a double one! Robert Downey, Jr. Around 29 he was married with a child and appeared in some big movies including Only You and Natural Born Killers.

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  4. His struggles with drugs and alcohol are well-documented — his father was a drug addict and Robert has been dogged by rumours of being bipolar. We go up quickly, and down just as fast, depending on our environmental influences and role models. Rosie Batty , Activist. You should be a center of your life, and you deserve to be. Work on your self-esteem and keep on inspiring others. You are not the best player in financial and business sphere. Due to your emotionality you can't stay cool and analytic, when some serious decisions need to be made, and your emotions prevail over your mind.

    You are an intuitive person rather than pragmatic. You owe most of solved conflicts to your intuition and not to your experience or skill. Also, you tend to dream more than to do. You need to take care of your diet, pay particular attention to the amount of sugars and macronutrients in your diet.

    Numerology Life Path Biblical Numerology. Popular Why do you need a Numerological Calculator? A lot of what i read in this article describes me pretty well. You may achieve a life time relaxation through Get my love back by vashikaran from any love issue only by Vashikaran Mantras that are applicable on every love issue that can arrive in various stages of life. Hi i was born on 11 11 which finally adds up to Amazing even others r noticingGthis. Angel here,Thank you for the information.

    Hey thank you for your dedication and hard work this far! Keep up the good work it's very informational. On a side note I'd like to ask if you can help me decipher what my name and dob means. Please and thank you! Great numerology article. There is a great benefit of knowing your own life path based on numerology. You can easily make decisions in life knowing what is better for you and what's not. My life path number is 11, born in november i.

    This can't be just a coincidence. I am even seeing 11 a lot these days like I am amazed to read your article it all seems so true about me, I have always felt that I am different from others, and I can tell by the looks on people's face when they meet me, that they kinda find me eccentric. Lol now I am so excited for my future, it kinda feels that I am gonna do something different, something great, who knows.

    Great job going into all the aspects of number 11's. Thank you. I have an 11 lifepath and my life has been full of heavy stuff to help refine my blessings! Hello my destiny number is 11,my expression number is 11,my soul urge number is 11 and I was born on the 11th of June I have had a lot of misfortunes in my life even though I have been told that I have great potential,I have always felt different ever since I was a child and i am highly imaginative,.

    I am in the process of writting a fictional book based on the end of times. I am a 11 also. I can heal things like backs,legs,arms, drop shouders. I use to say in the name of jesus and gods holy spirit, I command ligaments, tendents, muscles to grow out. Then wait as slowly move. But now it is instant. I just touch the limb or back and say in and it moves. By learning the Hebrew names. I recently met up with a couple friends on a mountain for a weekend and met a guy for the first time I spent a lot of time hanging out with him and kept having deja vu I don't know if it was him or the place that was causing it, the mountain was full of quartz and the veins ran through the surfaces. It was overwhelming, deja vu kept happening and both the guy and I just knew that we were connected somehow, it was frightening, as if we already knew each other for a very long time.

    I'm still denying this connection because I have a boyfriend who I love and have been with for years. I pulled some tarot cards and they clearly told me that an era relationship of my life was coming to an end. He is the only person I can think of. How can you love someone and feel like you've both matured and nurtured each other but need to let go so that each can take on the path they are supposed to?

    I don't know how to explain this to my bf. He is also a life path To the Anonymous poster on Jan 5th. Quartz intensifies any natural gifts a person has. It charges you like a natural battery. My birth date sums up to 29, then reduces to Sometimes relationships are like seasons, they change. It isnt a bad thing. It may feel negative or you may be reluctant to let go. It is ok to feel that way, you are human. What is important is you learn from all of your relationships and experiences. And remember, just because a relationship changes, it doesnt mean it is the end of it. Only the form and dynamic has changed.

    As for the deja vu, this occurs as to what I believe as a spiritual check point. It lets you know kind of like a mile marker - you have reached certain points in your life. From what I was told about tarot is, you see things in the cards, but the events can change. We set our paths by our actions. A relationship may come to an end, but it may be an unforseen one on your end. We all have relationships with one another in various forms. Peace and be well to all. I've been so confused and been going through so much since I turned I've had this insane rush of data, and I've been seeing signs and have endured paranoia.

    I'm still a bit lost but this all makes sense. It's odd, as if the world secrets have been just coming to me. Any direction is helpful. So I'm a generous master I suppose. My trials have been intense. And than enlightenment struck when I had nothing left. I guess I'm just looking to confirm all the wisdom I have before I teach. But I feel a very evil power that wants me down and quiet. Truth scares most people. And people attack the things they fear. Or shoot the messenger. Idk if any of you other geniuses are reading this but I am looking for help. Please, any feedback or prayer would be helpful.

    Rlujan80 gmail. I AM an It all makes sense. So many connections The recurring numbers. All that is. Im also an Thanx my birthday is The mystical traditions, numerology or theories of relationships between numbers and physical objects or between numbers and individuals is known as numerology. I've been so numerology and been going through so much since I turned Im numerology.. I spent 30 years of my life and since 20 years of age I love to share spirituality.

    I am an 11 and had my first dream at the age of 11 to transcend the physical world.